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Agency Location Contact Meeting
Topic Cost Childcare Contact Number Website/e-mail Open To
City of Petersburg Petersburg Social Svcs. Mildred Reavis TBA Foster Parent Training     804-861-4720   Resource Families
Northumberland County/Norton City TBA Georgia Sprague TBA Foster Parent Training     804-580-3477   Resource Families
Middlesex County Gloucester Social Svcs Office Rebecca Morgan TBA Foster Parent Training     804-758-2348   Mathews, Glousester & Middlesex Co. Residents
Dinwiddie/Essex Counties TBA Doretha Towns TBA Foster and Adoption     804-469-4524  

Dinwiddie/Essex County Families

JFS Richmond Richmond   monthly Adoption $5 per mtg yes 804-282-5644 website the public
Resolve Richmond Crystal Sanders monthly exploring adoption     804-744-5202   the public
Adoptive Families Del Sol Richmond area Crystal Sanders monthly outing     804-744-5202 email families w/ child. Of Latino descent
UMFS Central Region Support Group 3900 W Broad St., Richmond   First Thursday of every month
     yes      UMFS foster parents
C2Adopt Lunch support group 8100 Three Chopt Rd, Richmond   Every third Tuesday 12:30-2pm Adoption     800-690-4206 email Adoptive parents


NewFound Families

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