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All parents, whether they be adoptive, foster, kinship, or birth have questions about raising children. We all know that parenting is never easy. NewFound Families strongly believes that every foster, kinship, and adoptive parent should have a support system of other parents who are going through the same struggles. That’s why we host weekly support chats on our private Facebook Group to help facilitate conversation and answer the questions. 



How our Chats Work

Each Wednesday at 9pm, one of our facilitators covers a different topic in our private Facebook Group. The topics vary from finding respite or childcare to specific policies or resources. We’re always here to provide support and help. The best part is, it’s not one sided! Lots of members (aka parents) join in on the conversation to add their knowledge or ask questions. We are so grateful for our parent volunteers so we decided to highlight them on the blog. 

Meet Michelle

Michelle Jackson is an incredibly passionate facilitator who is newer to the kinship community but has definitely taken a lot from the experience so far. 

How are you involved with foster care, kinship care, and/or adoption?

We are Kinship providers. Our journey began in the spring of 2013. That is when our great-niece entered our home. The journey led to the adoption of our precious girl. As we all know the journey is never over, and we are continuing to learn daily about issues in relation to Kinship relationships and adoption. We have four older children, thirteen grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

How did you get involved with NewFound Families?

We found Newfound Families while searching online for help in our Kinship journey.  Then we learned about the camps/conferences offered, and we found others who understood our journey. We are big fans of Ms. Cate and all she does.

What do you love about the weekly chats?

The chats allow us to connect with others who understand our day to day triumphs and worries. It is one thing to get information from experts and another to gain help from those who are walking in the same shoes as us.

What topics do you focus on?

 I tend to focus on Kinship issues, but am open to exploring all topics.

What's one thing you would tell someone who was hesitant to participate?

If you’re uncomfortable with joining the weekly chat, do what I did at first: log on and read the posts to the chat. I learned many things before I was comfortable joining the chats.

We’re all aware that parenting can be difficult for everyone involved, leaving parents with hundreds of questions. Our weekly live chats aim not only to answer these questions, but also create a community that is supportive and encouraging for all kinship, foster, or adoptive parents: new and experienced. 

We’re so appreciative of Michelle’s efforts as a support chat host. Join us every Wednesday at 9pm on our Facebook page.

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