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It was 10 years ago that we developed this organization as FACES of Virginia Families: Adoption, Foster, and Kinship Association. We are still the only family support and respite organization in Virginia. However, during this past 10 years more and more organizations have been incorporated using the name FACES. As a result, we are no longer distinguishable by our name alone. In the past, we have even received donation checks that were intended for other FACES organizations and had to find them and send them the check. 

Although we are proud to have created the FACES name for our organization along with many of our families, the time has come to work on being not only distinguishable by our works, but also by our name. With funding from the Meyer Foundation, we employed the work of an independent marketing and business strategy firm to assist us in the blueprint for our future distinguishability and services to you, our members...that work is just beginning with our name change there is more to come!

Our new name is intended to capture our belief that every family created through adoption, foster or kinship care is at one time a new found family for a child. As once new found families we want you to know you always have a home here at NewFound Families no matter how long ago you were found to be the right family for the children you love and care for, everyday! 

Our welcome mat is always out for you, OUR NewFound Families!

NewFound Families

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